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Entdecke hochwertige Reisetaschen aus Canvas und Leder – robust, nachhaltig und ideal für jede Reise. Eine lebenslange Investition in Stil und Funktionalität.

Travel Bags

Discover high-quality travel bags made of canvas and leather - robust, sustainable and ideal for every trip. A lifelong investment in style and functionality.

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Product type
Designer Weekender - Premium Leder (NO1) - WALLTON™Designer Weekender - Premium Leder (NO1) - WALLTON™
Designer Weekender - Premium Leder (No2) - WALLTON™Designer Weekender - Premium Leder (No2) - WALLTON™
Leder Weekender mit Schuhfach - Anzugtasche - WALLTON™Leder Weekender mit Schuhfach - Anzugtasche - WALLTON™
Große Reisetasche - Premium Leder - WALLTON™Große Reisetasche - Premium Leder - WALLTON™
Leder Reisetasche mit Schuhfach - Vintage Leder - WALLTON™Leder Reisetasche mit Schuhfach - Vintage Leder - WALLTON™
SAVE $205.00Leder Reisetasche mit Schuhfach - Anzugtaschen - WALLTON™Leder Reisetasche mit Schuhfach - Anzugtaschen - WALLTON™
Weekender mit schuhfach - Rindsleder - WALLTON™Weekender mit schuhfach - Rindsleder - WALLTON™
Weekender mit schuhfach -  Leder Reisetasche - WALLTON™Weekender mit schuhfach -  Leder Reisetasche - WALLTON™
SAVE $89.00Leder Reisetasche mit schuhfach   - Weekender - WALLTON™Leder Reisetasche mit schuhfach   - Weekender - WALLTON™
SAVE $56.00Vintage Reisetasche - Segeltuch & Leder - WALLTON™Vintage Reisetasche - Segeltuch & Leder - WALLTON™
Vintage Travel Bag - Canvas & Leather Offer$188.00 Regular price$244.00
SAVE $100.00Vantage Anzugtasche - Canvas Leder - WALLTON™Vantage Anzugtasche - Canvas Leder - WALLTON™
Vintage Suit Bag - Canvas Leather Offer$188.00 Regular price$288.00
SAVE $83.00Reisetasche mit Schuhfach 55cm - Premium Leder - WALLTON™Reisetasche mit Schuhfach 55cm - Premium Leder - WALLTON™
Retro Reisetasche - Canvas & Leder - WALLTON™Retro Reisetasche - Canvas & Leder - WALLTON™
SAVE $89.00Weekender mit Schuhfach - Anzugtasche - WALLTON™Weekender mit Schuhfach - Anzugtasche - WALLTON™
Weekender with shoe compartment - Suit Bag Offer$155.00 Regular price$244.00
SAVE $67.00Reisetasche mit Schuhfach - Anzugtaschen - WALLTON™Reisetasche mit Schuhfach - Anzugtaschen - WALLTON™
Travel Bag with shoe compartment - Suit Bags Offerab $155.00 Regular price$222.00
Sold outSAVE $123.00Reisetasche mit Schuhfach 45cm - Premium Leder - WALLTON™Reisetasche mit Schuhfach 45cm - Premium Leder - WALLTON™

The ultimate guide to the perfect travel bag: canvas and leather

In the world of travel, the right equipment plays a crucial role in making your experiences as pleasant and stress-free as possible. Choosing the ideal travel bag plays a central role. In this blog post, we delve into the world of high-quality canvas and leather travel bags to show you why they are the perfect choice for your next adventures.

Why canvas and leather?

Sustainability and robustness: In times when sustainability is becoming increasingly important, travel bags made of canvas and leather offer an environmentally friendly alternative to synthetic materials. Both materials are known for their durability and robustness, meaning your investment will accompany you on many journeys.

Unique design and functionality: Aside from sustainability, leather and canvas are characterized by their aesthetic appeal. They give each bag a unique look that becomes even more characterful over time. They are also extremely functional and offer enough storage space and practical compartments to keep your things organized.

The right bag for every occasion

No matter whether you are planning a short trip, traveling on business or looking for a reliable bag for your sports equipment, a travel bag made of canvas and leather adapts perfectly to your needs. Here are some tips on how to find the perfect bag for you:

  1. Size and Capacity: Think about what type of travel or activity you will primarily use the bag for. Bags with a volume of 30 to 40 liters are ideal for weekend trips, while larger models should be considered for longer trips.
  2. Carrying comfort: Look for ergonomically shaped carrying handles and an adjustable, padded shoulder strap. Comfortable wearing is essential, especially on longer trips or if you travel a lot.
  3. Compartments and organization: Interior and exterior compartments help you keep your travel essentials organized and within easy reach. Bags with special compartments for laptops or shoes are particularly practical.
  4. Style and Personalization: Choose a bag that fits your personal style. Many manufacturers offer the option to personalize your bag with monograms or special color choices.


A quality canvas and leather travel bag is more than just a piece of luggage; it is a loyal companion that enriches your travel experiences. With the right care, she will be by your side for years and gain character with every adventure. Start your search now and discover the variety of designs and functions these bags have to offer. Happy Travels!