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To ensure that you enjoy your leather products such as wallets, backpacks and travel bags for a long time, you should follow a few simple care tips. With the right care, your leather items will not only look good even after years, but will also develop a characteristic patina - a unique testament to time that underlines their quality and your style.

Leather has been used for thousands of years to make a wide variety of products and has proven to be a robust and long-lasting material. There is therefore no need to protect it excessively. So don't waste too much time caring for your leather goods, as too much care can damage the material. It is important that you do not treat your leather items more often than once every six months to avoid overgreasing, which could damage the leather.

Lederwachs - Natural - WALLTON™
Lederwachs - Natural - WALLTON™


With our premium leather wax you not only give your leather items a brilliant shine, but also protect and care for them for eternity.

Wasserabweisendes Wachs für Canvas - Natural - WALLTON™


The wax penetrates deeply into the canvas, revitalizing the fiber while providing robust, water-repellent protection.